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Matthew Barcomb
Dec 18, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Barx Other Aliases/Nicknames: Race: twi lek Age: 24 Skin: Red Height: 6.3 Weight: 220 Eye Color: orangy yellow Place of Birth: rishi Character Alignment: Affiliation: outlaw Occupation: freelancer Other Duties: Mentors: Skills: melee weapons Languages: galacctic basic, mando'a Weaponry and Misc Items: med pac, comlink, datapad, grapple hook, vibroblade Armor: heavy Undercover Attire: Military/Mandalorian Training Novice: heavy Adept: melee training Expert: Mastered: Hand-to-Hand Training Novice: basic Adept: Expert: Mastered: Wordplay and Tactical Theory Novice: Adept: Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: fights for honor Family: 2 sons Likes: brawls, duels, flirting, glory seeking, Dislikes: unworthy opponents, dishonor, and betrayal Favorite Genre of Music: cantina music Favorite Food/Drink: kath hound steaks Kindest Act: helping a brother in a raid gone bad. Evilest Act: ransacking villages Bio i Barx, was born and raised on the streets of rishi, raiding and looting villages with the Dar'manda, Bar Rend mando clan. clan size used to be 20 strong but got attacked by the empire and they slaughtered my fellow comrades and brothers, been on the run sense put my kids in hiding for they’re safety, and my wife was murdered helping my sons escape. now I venture the galaxy to claim my honor and vengeance.. to be continued…. Barx signing off

Matthew Barcomb

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