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Nov 30, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Zeta Altaire Other Aliases/Nicknames: Shining Light, The Silent Shadow Race: Miralukan Age: 17 Skin: pale Height: 6ft Weight: 187 lbs Hair Color: white Eye Color: none Mask: Jedi Stormguard Visor Place of Birth: Tython Force Alignment: Neutral leaning more towards the lightside as she has no issue using Dark side powers with moderation as she likes to be balanced in the force as her people tend to be. Her passion for leaning and her at times short fuse is tempered by her intense love for all beings and her wisdom and genuine desire to do good but do it her own way Character Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: Occupation: Other Duties: CommonWealth Masters: Jedi Masters: Orgus Din Sith Masters: Venomisa Luko Mentors: Mishi Luko a Twi'lek Mandalorian, Venomisa Luko a Twi'lek Sith Sorceress, Susei Luko a Twi'lek Jedi Sage Skills: Languages: Basic,Miralukese Weaponry and Misc Items: Two Lightsabers, Republic Medpacs, Holocrons of both factions Armor: Rebublic RD-17A Phalanx Armor Undercover Attire: Sith Grand Inquisitor Robes Military/Mandalorian Training Expert: still has stuff to learn but has mastered most of the battle tactics and training excersises and is very proficient with mandalorian fighting styles and tech Hand-to-Hand Training Adept: still has a ways to go as hand to hand isn't something that comes naturally for her. Lightsaber Forms Adept: only recently became a fully fledged Jedi Knight still has much to learn but shows great skill with her duel wield style Force Forms and Theory Adept: her Miralukan extremly strong force connection aids her in mastering the force but she is not a master as of yet as some powers she still struggles with. Force Abilities Adept: still is learning and exploring her force abilities but has made great strides Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Dances like a 1920's rubberhose cartoon, talks to her banthas like they are her friends, force levitates for fun Family: none she is an Orphan Likes: Doing good deeds, training hard, Making others smile, watching over the Luko family, dancing, learning of any kind, Meditating, saving the day her way. Dislikes: failing her duties, making careless mistakes, seeing others get hurt, innocent lives no matter who they were, being frustrated Favorite Genre of Music: Jatz Favorite Food/Drink: Blue Bantha buttermilk biscuits with Bantha steak, Blue Bantha Milk Kindest Act: Saving Driseina Luko the oldest from from falling off a cliff Evilest Act: lashing out with dark side powers at countless slavers when she found out Driseina had been made into a slave Biography: Zeta Altaire is a Miraluka that was born on Tython during an age of peace and rebuilding of the Jedi from two Miralukan Jedi parents who were being exiled from the order due to their love. She was born with an extremly refined Force Sight that rivals most of her species. Zeta's parents planned to run away from the order with their daughter but were killed by flesh raiders before they could so Zeta grew up in the order. Zeta met Susei Luko a lethan Twi'lek Jedi Sage in training and eventually the entire Luko family and grew close with them despite her masters warnings as Miraluka prefer to be balanced in the force and Zeta is no exception. After Zeta became a knight she left Tython to train with Venomisa Luko an extremly powerful Lethan Twi'lek Master Sith Sorceress and Susei. The Lukos became her family and she promised Viper Luko the matriarch of the Luko family that she would watch over her kids. When Viper disappeared and all the Lukos scattered Zeta watched over them from afar as she had her own adventures. On Taris she tried to tame a ended with her being attacked and her reluctantly having to kill it. Zeta is a Bantha herder and Farmer as a way of feeding herself and also she enjoys it immensely


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