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Cruz Zamora
Jan 08, 2022
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Aeython Imperius Other Aliases/Nicknames: The Duke of House Imperius Race: Human Age: 19 Skin: Light Olive Height: 6’3 Weight: 175 Hair Color: Platinum Blonde Eye Color: Silver Place of Birth: Alderaan Mountains Skills: Resilience Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Mando’a Force Alignment: Gray Character Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: The Commonwealth Systems Force Knight Academy Occupation: Hier to the Throne of House Imperius Other Duties: Occasionally aiding [REDACTED] in securing business transportation Commonwealth Masters: None yet. Jedi Masters: Archaedon Alive Family: Known - Mother & Uncle Hand-to-Hand Styles: Basic Hand-to-Hand Mastered Lightsaber Forms: Shi Sho Mastered Force Forms: Weaponry and Misc Items: Lightsaber Blue Color Crystal, Datapad, Comm, Credits, Stims Armor: Usually Basic Jedi Attire, unless his noble affairs requires otherwise Force Abilities: Novice: Push/Pull, Jump, Stun Adept: Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Aeython use to be a bartender thus is well akin to the artistry of making drinks. Likes: Justice, poetry, and deep conversations. Dislikes: Inaction, ignorance, and complacency. Favorite Genre of Music: Classical Favorite Food/Drink: Tatooine Bar food & Corellian Wine Kindest Act: Assisting his uncle in rebuilding their family estate Evilest Act: [REDACTED] Biography: Aeython of House Imperius comes from a long line of Alderaanian Sith nobles. Recently House Imperius has been divided between the twins, also known as Master Archaedon and the Dark Lady Valecient. As the son of the Dark Lady Valecient, Aeython grew up under a cruel and firm mother. Aeython quickly learned the consequences of his disobedience and the ways of a Noble. Eventually, the brutality of living at home led him to run away to the furthest planet he could find to spite his mother and free himself from her tyranny. At the young age of 13, Aeython was a stowaway on a cargo ship to Tatooine. Upon landing, he was found by a brutish bounty hunter who sold him to a local crime lord in Mos Espa. For the next 3 years, Aeython lived with this local crime lord, known as [REDACTED]. With time, energy, and experience Aeython became the protegee of [REDACTED]. It wasn’t until he was 16 when he returned to Alderaan for business under the crime lord that he discovered his home was in ruin. Apparently, the Dark Lady Valecient and her twin Jedi brother Archaedon battled for the family throne. The estate was in complete disarray, his home destroyed. As he pondered upon the ruins of his home, his uncle Archaedon approached him. There Archaedon revealed the details of the family conflict, concluding that both Valecient and Archaedon almost both met their demise. Yet Archaedon revealed Valecient’s flee and promise to take the throne at another time. With this, Archaedon and Aeython began rebuilding the estate with the help and funds of [REDACTED], in return for Aeython to continue working with [REDACTED]. Master Archaedon then taught Aeython refined Jedi teachings and skills. However, Master Archaedon returned to the Republic War effort, allowing Aeython to practice his force abilities and govern their humble healing House.

Cruz Zamora

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