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Jun 09, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Mars'eyn'teudor Other Aliases/Nicknames: Seynt Race: Chiss Age: 10 (Physically looks 20) Skin: Cerulean Height: 6'1 Weight: 185 Hair Color: Pink Eye Color: Red Place of Birth: Csilla Skills: Astrogration Languages: Basic Cheunh Force Alignment: Light Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral Affiliation: The Ascendency The Systems Commonwealth Occupation: Former Astrogator for the CEDF CommonWealth Masters: Jedi Masters: Sith Masters: Mentors: None living Alive Family: Unknown Hand-to-Hand Styles: None known Mastered Lightsaber Forms: None known Mastered Force Forms: None known Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pac Comlink Datapad. Rebreather IFAK (First Aid) Lightsaber Armor: A custom made durasteel/phrik mesh-lined trench coat, and armored trousers/boots/gloves Undercover Attire: None Force Abilities Novice: Adept: Expert: Mastered: Biography 24 ATC - Mars'eyn'teudor is born on Csilla to a prominent family within the upper classes of the Ascendency. 25 ATC - Seynt shows to have a proclivity with Second Sight and is removed from his family to be taught in secret how to use his gift. 27 ATC - Seynt is assigned to a CEDF Corvette as the ships Astrogator. 29 ATC - Seynt's Second Sight begins evolving into Third Sight in the form of debilitating head aches and black outs. He is removed from active duty for further training in secret. 31 ATC - Seynt rejoins the CEDF as one of the Fleets head navigators. 33 ATC - Seynt's family learns of his survival and feels dishonored. They hire a team of mercenaries to kill him and restore the family honor. While his ship is destroyed, he survives the attack. Seynt leaves the Ascendency in the guise of his 'death' to live his freedom. 34 ATC - Seynt finds a home withing The System's Commonwealth


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