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Nov 14, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Davh Pekoe Other Aliases/Nicknames: Sarge(by any of his old troopers, though he assumes all are dead) Race: Human Age: 40 Skin: White Height: 6' Weight: 220 Hair Color: Black => Grey Eye Color: Brown Place of Birth: Darvannis Skills (See SCW Skills, pick 1) : Farming Languages: Basic Force Alignment: None Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral (He has his own personal rule book and he never breaks them, in short integrity is his god). Affiliation: Darvannis Peoples Republic Occupation: X-Solider/Farmer Other Duties: On a constant search to make up for his sins as a child soldier in the DPR CommonWealth Masters: N/A Jedi Masters: N/A Sith Masters: N/A Mentors: N/A Alive Family: N/A Hand-to-Hand Styles: N/A Mastered Lightsaber Forms: N/A Mastered Force Forms: N/A Weaponry and Misc Items: Assault Cannon (Outdated) Armor: Charred Heavy Armour Undercover Attire: Homespun Shirt and Pants Force Abilities N/A Novice: N/A Adept: N/A Expert: N/A Mastered: N/A Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Plays a mouthharp Likes: Integrity Dislikes: Politics Favorite Genre of Music: Classics from the GHW era Favorite Food/Drink: Anything Homemade. Apple Brandy Kindest Act: Nothing major, Lots of minor things, Barn Raisings, Lost Children, Searching out and killing the predators that are part of the Talk Vera Eco System Evilest Act: Acts of War (Terrorism) against the Hutts and their followers. Biography Prelude Born on Darvannis during the Great Galactic War to a family of farmers. His father Davh stayed out of service by raising food for the Hutt cartel from his farm. It was hard work and it nearly killed his parents but they were surviving it. The Hutts power on Darvannis was greatly shacken by the war. As the power shifted, opportunist calling themselves the Darvannis Peoples Republic saw a chance to try and overthrow the Hutts. The Pekoe Farm ended up on the wrong side of the battle lines for a war of independence. Davh's father was arrested and charged with assisting the enemy. By feeding the Hutts they claimed he had helped them stay in power. He was found guilty. He was sentenced by the rebellion to be sold into the slavery he helped prop up. After his father, mother and sisters were sold by the rebellion to a Hutt slave trader he and his brothers were indoctrinated into the Darvannis Peoples Republic Army. He was 10 years old. Serving for 12 years gradually rising through the ranks of the Independence Army to the rank or sergeant. The DPR was mostly ineffective. After years of fighting the DPR hadn't gotten much farther then the day they started. Finally in a random raid they almost killed one of the minor Hutts. As a result the DPR actually got the attention of the Cartel. In a few days it was over. The DPR was all but destroyed. Davh escaped on a automated cargo transport full of farm equipment headed for Tal Vera. Davh landed with the farm equipment. The farmers welcomed Davh, at 22 a strong back in a farm community is always welcome. Eventually Davh found peace, he started a family and founded a farm. With dreams of a family home that would last for generations Davh settled into the same pattern his father had followed. Selling food to the local power an Academy just a few miles to the south of the farm. Over the next 18 years Davh started raising several strong sons and one daughter. His wife was the center of his world. In their company he could forget his past and what he did so many years ago. After an attack on the academy his farm and the woods around burned. Davh's Family was killed the farm destroyed. As Davh dug through the burnt remnants of his home the contents of one box survived. At an age of 40 there were a lot of things he might have hoped to find, the one thing that he did find was his old armor and assault cannon.


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