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Apr 04, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Kel Grioma Race: Human/Cyborg Age: 38 Skin: Tan Height: 5'10" Weight: 185 Hair Color: Gray Eye Color: Brown Place of Birth: Ord Mantell Skills: Marksmanship Languages: Basic Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Affiliation: Mandalorians, Commonwealth Occupation: Mandalorian Weaponry and Misc Items:Blaster, Comlink, Medpac, Datapad Armor: Undercover Attire: Long Duster Likes: Drinking. Blasters, Old Starships Dislikes: Banthas. People who ride Banthas Favorite Food/Drink: Corellian Cocktails Bio: Found amongst the refugees of the countless civil wars of Ord Mantell, Kel was saved and set on a path to becoming a true mandalorian. Or rather that's what was supposed to happen... Before he knew it, he found himself to be a seasoned drinker, terrible company, and a subpar hunter. Aboard his clunker of a ship, he travels the galaxy in search of his next drink. Somewhere on the Outer Rim, is a one-armed selkath, whom Kel has a bone to pick. A gun runner by trade, he burned Kel on a arms deal, costing Kel, precious beskar in the process.


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