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JC Albarran
Aug 23, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Thorn Irus-Nesti Other Aliases/Nicknames: The Unbreakable Race: mirialan Age: 18 Skin: Unknown Height: 6,4 Weight: 180 Hair Color: black Eye Color: green Place of Birth: unknown/ was taken from his family Skills : light saber style weapons / Resilience Languages: galactic basic and sithese Force Alignment: neutral Character Alignment: lawful good Affiliation: The Systems CommonWealth Occupation: Force knight Apprentice Other Duties: practice his combat style with his sabers and mediates with the force Masters and Mentors: Alexander Basileus Alive Family: unknown Hand-to-Hand Styles: teras kasi Lightsaber forms : shii cho, makashi, Niman, jar'kai, trakata, trispzest, ataru nonlightsaber forms : form 0, thought shield, Dun Moch Force forms : force channel, force affinaty Weaponry and Misc Items: dual sabers, comm link. med pack, data pad, re breather. Armor: light black and red hooded robes with durasteel mask Force Abilities/Forms Novice: Conceal , Rage, crush, force suppression, mind trick, force choke, force drain, dissipate, dark healing, chain lighting, breathing control , rainbow strom, telepathy, combustion, heal, tepaz, deadly sight, Grava sphere, rend Adept: basics, lightning Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Likes: unknown Dislikes: doesn't exactly like taking order Favorite Genre of Music: not sure Favorite Food/Drink: not sure Kindest Act: spare the other acolytes Evilest Act: murdered, one of the rival acolytes and enjoyed it. Biography: Thorn (the unbreakable) was once a child of the Emperor on the planet of Korriban. During one of his trials on the planet, the overseers had tasked them with going to retrieve a Jedi's lightsabers. When Thorn beat the other acolytes, one of these acolytes being a young woman that he feel in love with by the name of Rebecca, they where lovers and the overseer of this trail Darth Ethos knew so he casted an illusion on all the acolytes to make them see the thing they hated most so when thorn murdered Rebeeca he thought is was Darth Ethos but it wasnt before Rebecca passed she made Thorn promise he would get stronger and to live his life and to not be stuck in his pass, Thorn than picked up the lightsabers. He got a vision upon touching the sabers, of a Darth telling him to bring the sabers to the jungle of Dromund Kaas. This vision shook him to his core. He hitched a ride to Dromund Kaas upon arriving there he was met by a strange man who told him to follow him. That the Darth himself sent him. He followed the man into a cave that had statues he has never seen before, and was greeted by men in robes who greeted him stating "Darth Ethos foretold of you coming" Thorn very angry after hearing them speak those words, laid the sabers on a alter where the leader of this group stood before him, stating "our Lord may have found his champion the one to release him from his shackles of slavery to the Emperor Chadwick", the person standing in front of him let thorn know that they would purge him of his dark side that he needed to see the light and to understand the darkness, upon doing this most painful treatment, he was given another vision of a man that looked like a Jedi, who proceeded to say " Young one I sense great Force ability within you. The Sith have you in there clutches, leave them and come to the System’s CommonWealth. Their Force Knights can use one like you" upon resting for a day and spending more time with the Empire they began to call him Thorn (the unbreakabable) due to how the pressures of purging him of the darkside didnt break him or faze him. Thorn pondered the choices put in front of him and released he had 3 choices in front of him remain with the Sith, join the Jedi order, or seek out the CommonWealth and attempt to join these Force Knights. With no leads on where to look for these force Knights he went to Narr Shadaa, to see if he could find info with nothing but the sabers he took and the garbs of the Sith and he ventured forth to seek info so that he could make his choice.
JC Albarran
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