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JJ the jet airplane Charlie mike
Mar 30, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Other Aliases/Nicknames: Race: Chiss Age: unkown Skin:blue Height: 6,3 Weight: 160 Hair Color: black Eye Color: red Place of Birth: unkown Skills (See SCW Skills, pick 1) : Languages: chiss , basic Force Alignment: Character Alignment: Lawful good Affiliation: Occupation: soldier Other Duties: training Jedi Masters: Sith Masters: Mentors: Niles Alive Family: Unknown Hand-to-Hand Styles: Basic republic training Mastered Lightsaber Forms: Mastered Force Forms: Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pac, comlink, datapad. (Grapple hook OR rebreather) You may pick your weapon 1. Blaster rifle 2. Ion kit 3. Concussion wrist thingy 4. Grenades 5. Jet booster 6. Commlink Armor: Trooper armor and formal wear Undercover Attire: Force Abilities Novice: Adept: Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Likes: Dislikes: Favorite Genre of Music: idk Favorite Food/Drink: Rancor whiskey Kindest Act: Evilest Act: Biography Dracmanz served with a republic military as a captain and was among the finest of soldiers his unit was the 147th vanguard he and a fiancé however during his last deployment he was left stranded by his superiors after many years alone two members of the systems comment came to the plant and saved him.
JJ the jet airplane Charlie mike
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