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Ken Hollars
Apr 13, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Viktor Maelstrom Other Aliases/Nicknames: N/A Race: Miraluka Age: 19 Skin: in pic Height: 5'7" Weight: 147 lbs Eye Color: N/A Place of Birth: Coruscant Skill: Melee, Perception Languages: Basic and Miralukese Force Alignment: Light side Character Alignment: Neutral-Neutral Affiliation: Commonwealth Force Knights Occupation: Commonwealth initiate Jedi Masters: Hidden Jedi Master Alive Family: None Hand-to-Hand Styles: None Mastered Lightsaber Forms: N/A Mastered Force Forms: N/A Weapons: two newly constructed sabers with the left having a green crystal and the right having a purple one. Misc Items: Med pac, comlink, datapad. Armor: in pic Undercover Attire: none Force Abilities Novice: Barrier/Shield, Jump, Pull, Push, Speed, Telepathy, Force Potency, Force Concealment, Thought Shield, Mindtrick Adept: Force Sight Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Likes: Dislikes: Favorite Genre of Music: Favorite Food/Drink: Kindest Act: Evilest Act: Biography: was born on Corsuscant to Miralukan parents, who were members of the Luka Sene that had traveled there for business and remained for a few years. His parents were killed in the Sacking of Coruscant when he was 7 and remained in the ruins of his home for several days until a human male, who revealed himself to be a Jedi Knight, found him there. This Knight took him in secret and trained him for several years to learn to use his force abilities till Viktor turned 18. On his 18th birthday, a male Sith Marauder known as Darth Malice, found him and his master, whom he'd come to view as a surrogate father. Darth Malice chased them till they came to the ruins of the Jedi Temple where he cut them off and they were forced to fight. After a long fight, Darth Malice killed Viktors master and then nearly killed Viktor himself. Viktor was left to die from his wounds. He eas luckily found by a member of the Commonwealth Force Knights a short while later and was brought back to their Temple to be healed and train to be one of their knights.
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Ken Hollars
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