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Jun 23, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Abek Farlighter Race: Human Age: 27 Skin: Pale Height: 5'10" Weight: 130 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Place of Birth: Soco-Jarel, Socorro, Kibilini Sector Skills: Streetwise Languages: Basic, Smuggler's Cant Force Alignment: Neutral Character Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: The Underworld Occupation: Smuggler Other Duties: Abek runs several spurious front companies to help him run his various cons on Imperial businesses, including: Owner/Operator, Farlighter Bottomless Shaft Construction and Handrail Removals, LLC Head realtor, Inhospitable Terrain Realty Consultant, Extremitech Robotic Hands, Ltd. CommonWealth Masters: Unknown? Jedi Masters: N/A Sith Masters: N/A Mentors: Cossahosh Nirroa - Prior Captain of the "Far Light's Reach" Living Family: Father (Radek), Mother (Sureesh), Younger Brother (Erril) Hand-to-Hand Styles: Basic Hand to Hand Mastered Lightsaber Forms: N/A Mastered Force Forms: N/A Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pac, comlink, datapad, Grapple hook, pair of Heavy Blaster Pistols Armor: Light blast vest Undercover Attire: Pink button down shirt, Ivory bell-bottom trousers and cloak, smoked starglasses Force Abilities: N/A Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Attempting to learn to play the Octaventral Heebiephone, a somewhat unwieldy Ithorian instrument (which is a generally futile exercise due to the fact that Abek lacks the requisite number of mouths needed to play it). Likes: Making credits, preferably by fleecing Imperial businesses Dislikes: Imperial Customs Officers, slavers of any stripe Favorite Genre of Music: Early mid-century Socorran Sand Reels Favorite Food/Drink: Tatooine Sunrise Kindest Act: Saved a group of orphaned street youths from the predations of Socorro's underworld flesh merchants (a particularly reviled group on the planet). Evilest Act: Sold a group of rich Imperial investors on a tract of "sublime geographical beauty" in the Adsila Rifts, knowing that it was right in the midst of an active volcano range. Biography Abek Farlighter grew up on the desert world of Socorro in the Kibilini Sector of the Outer Rim, a world colonized by Corellian explorers and embroiled in a water supply crisis during the war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. His father was a member of the Black Bha'lir, a society of smugglers who adhere to a strict and demanding code: 1) Never profit from the weakness of others. A difficult principle to reconcile with a life of crime, members of the Black Bha'lir were expected to "play fair". To take advantage of the weakness of another being was considered cowardly and evil. 2) Honor the vyvya. To honor the vyvya was to give back to the community that fostered you. Each individual took an oath to protect the honor of the Black Bha'lir and the lives of its members. It was also expected that members would give back to the community at large. 3) Prepare the way of the Retribution. Those who dishonored the Black Bha'lir were marked for death according to the Rites of Retribution. All members of the Black Bha'lir were expected to be willing to eliminate anyone who was marked for retribution. 4) Respect the right of aa'kua. The Black Bha'lir considered there to be no more fundamental ethical law than this: that the right of every individual and that individual's space was to be respected above all else. Raised within the strictures of the code, Abek undertook his apprenticeship at an early age and worked as the first mate on the ship "Far Light's Reach" for seven years under the tutelage of the Master Smuggler Cossavosh Nirroa before attaining the rank of Pilot. Cossavosh retired and bequeathed the ship and title to Abek, who took on the professional suffix Farlighter. In an attempt to help break the stalemate of the water supply crisis, Abek ranged far and wide throughout the Outer Rim trading, smuggling and blockade running water back to his home planet. He found he had a knack for fleecing Imperial businessmen and set up a number of front companies to help give him access to the unsuspecting and gullible mid-level management, and is particularly fond of utilizing his guise as a consultant on Imperial construction to undertake corporate espionage and sabotage under the auspices of Farlighter Bottomless Shaft Construction and Handrail Removals, LLC - A design oddity common to nearly every Imperial building and almost laughably exploitable. Abek is often quoted "you can steal more with a hard hat and a briefcase than you can with a blaster!" Recently Abek has been setting up business deals along the Corellian Run, from Coruscant out to the outer rim, often hiding out on Tatooine waiting for the heat from his recent exploits to blow over, as it reminds him of home...
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