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Nov 12, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Kiintoda Itsenainen Other Aliases/Nicknames: Race: Caucasian Human Age: 22 Skin: White Height: 6'2 Weight: 197bs Hair Color: Black Eye Color: White Place of Birth: Alderaan Skills: Perception Languages: Basic, Sith Force Alignment: Neutral/Dark lean Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Affiliation: Independent Occupation: Independent Adventurer Other Duties: N/A CommonWealth Masters: N/A Jedi Masters: Master Siyo Sith Masters: Darth Dragous Mentors: N/A Alive Family: Two cousins, male Jasar and female Kinoato. Formerly, his noble family on Alderaan. A father, mother, brother and two sisters. Hand-to-Hand Styles: Teras Kasi Mastered Lightsaber Forms: Makashi, Ataru (formerly), Juyo (formerly), Trakata (formerly) Mastered Force Forms: Force Channel, Force Mastery (formerly) Weaponry and Misc Items: White lightsaber, datapad, comlink. Armor: N/A Undercover Attire: N/A Force Abilities Novice: Push, Pull, Jump, Stun, Speed Adept: Drain Knowledge (formerly) Expert: Rend (formerly), Healing (formerly) Mastered: Lightning (formerly), Storm (formerly), Tempest (formerly), Tutaminis (formerly) Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Likes: Animals, history, maps, fictional worldbuilding in his down time Dislikes: Blatant stupidity, arrogance, elitism, Hutts Favorite Genre of Music: Metal Favorite Food/Drink: Meiloorun fruit Kindest Act: Nursing an injured young Varactyl back to health and reuniting it with its family Evilest Act: Torturing a child for information pertaining to his quest Biography Born to a bannerman house serving House Thul on Alderaan, he did not get to experience any of the noble life. Most Younglings are brought into the Order at a very young age, however, his natural connection to the force was so potent that Jedi agents sensed it while he was still in the womb and managed to locate his family on Alderaan. For the final term of his mothers pregnancy, two Jedi agents were stationed by the Order to remain near their house and protect her. They had spoken to his family shortly before his birth, explaining their childs near unnatural connection to the force and the urgency in taking him to the Order, and after much initial rebuking his family had agreed to hand him over after pondering the idea of a one-day great Jedi bearing their house name. So the day of his birth, after ensuring he was born healthy, the Jedi took him back to Tython. Due to being a newborn infant, he was delegated to special care under assistants at the Temple rather than being sorted into an Initiate Clan until he came of proper age to do so. Upon reaching proper Initiate age, he was sorted into Thranta Clan out of linguistic relation to his Alderaanian origin. From the moment he properly began his training, however, he took off like a proton torpedo. His connection to the force played a great role in his pace of learning, leaving virtually everyone at his age in the dust and frequently showing up his upper-classmen Padawans. His status with the Jedi, however, changed forever following one terrible coincidence of a mission. He along with Master Siyo were mistakenly assigned a diplomatic mediation mission to Alderaan, overseeing negotiations between two minor banner houses, House Boslov and House Itsenainen, the former of which being Republic-backed. Despite their efforts, negotiations broke down into conflict, and Kiintoda, having sensed his kinship to his family thanks to his otherwordly connection to the force, rushed to his houses grounds to help despite orders from his Master to not. Upon arriving, he realized he was just a moment too late. The house estate burned and his family that he just discovered were massacred. As a result of the emotional whirlwind of finally learning and meeting his family then immediately losing them all, he suffered a mental break and massacred anyone he could get his hands on, whether they be a soldier of Boslov or Itsenainen. Master Siyo had arrived during this episode and attempted to intervene, but was severely maimed in his left arm when faced with Kiintoda totally unleashing in rage. Eventually however Kiintoda was reigned in, and due to his slaughter of Republic-backed Boslov soldiers and maiming of a Jedi Master, he was imprisoned by the Republic. Before a trial and sentencing could take place, however, he managed to successfully break out and escape under cover of nightfall. He imagined the only place he could escape the watchdogs of the Republic now that he would be a wanted man was to flee to the Sith, so he set off to Korriban. He had banked on his sheer connection to the force making them wary and compliant on a peer-to-peer level, though upon arrival he was immediately taken and imprisoned again. This time he was tortured however, branded like a slave to demean him, and then eventually released to a certain Darth Dragous who was the highest ranking Sith to notice him and, in essence, call dibs. Kiintoda was then forced through brutal Sith training, taking advantage of his weakened mental state due to recent events and painfully molded towards the Sith ideal, and he followed every word as he felt that there was no other route to take anymore. This, like his Jedi training, was passed with flying colors and then some despite the wear and tear on his mind. He quickly was raised up to the position of Lord by Darth Dragous, he was finally sent on a proper mission as a Sith Lord, a simple artifact retrieval on Hoth. During this very first mission, however, he was ambushed by his old Master Siyo, who has been keeping the best tab he could on his old apprentice. He was ordered by the Jedi Council to find and put an end to the threat of Kiintoda however he sees fit, as the council grew wary of someone with his sheer force connection and feeling of betrayal being allowed free in the galaxy. What Siyo hadn't considered was that, despite only being a Lord in title, Kiintoda was special. His ability far surpassed that of a Lord, and much to Siyo's further surprise, had eclipsed his own. After what was an intense but very short battle, Kiintoda had the upper hand over his old master. Before he could strike him down, a moment of hesitation and grief came over him, and he paused before delivering the final blow. In this moment of reprieve, Siyo capitalized, and performed a rare ability that was exactly why he was chosen as Kiintoda's master in the first place: Force Sever. He had taken advantage of Kiintodas hesitation and began to sever his connection to the force, but Siyo then also had a moment of hesitation, which caused him to botch the severing, resulting in an impermanent and partial severing that took away his ability to perform most of his noteworthy force abilities or effectively use his primary saber styles, but did not totally cut him off. Both of the men, exhausted and injured in their own ways, quickly fled the scene as neither had the stomach in that moment to finish the other due to their old connection. Upon returning to the Sith, Kiintoda was shunned. The Sith deemed that he was no longer of any note, his own master Darth Dragous even stating "Even if you were once the shell of a mighty golden snail, that is all you are now; a discarded shell." During one night following recently in the aftermath of his new 'condition', assassins were sent to his room in an attempt to eliminate him. Luckily for Kiintoda, though, he was skilled in Teras Kasi and still sufficiently capable in Makashi despite the severing, so he had managed to best the average-at-best assassins. It remained unknown who sent them, as he then fled Korriban rather than investigate to discover the mastermind. Now that he had essentially been exiled from both major factions, and hated dealing with Hutts and their underworld doings, Kiintoda had nowhere to go, nowhere to truly call home. This was the point at which he went off a mental cliff; He did not go insane, but his line of thinking and morality had snapped. Misfortune after misfortune, betrayal after betrayal, he had finally succumb and fallen into what would arguably be a more Sith line of thinking than when he was an actual Sith, as he still retained some of his light morality but now would do anything necessary to further his aim. He decided to lay low after all of this and try to just eek out a living, keeping a low profile and just getting by, which was surprisingly easy given that his presence in the force was severely diminished post-severing, plus the merging of the Republic and Sith into the Systems CommonWealth had effectively disbanded the independent operations of his former allegiances, so he was wiped off of any radars. Come the present day now however, he is working towards one goal, the goal that he desired after coming across an old Jedi tome by complete chance; the possibility that his old connection may potentially be restored since his severing was not total.
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