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Reuben Gilligan
Nov 07, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Naytcha Gilligan Other Aliases/Nicknames: Nayt Race: Human Age: 16 Skin: Fair, slightly tanned Height: 5ft 4 Weight: 123lbs Hair Color: Long wavy red hair that is constantly in a braid and bun that if lose would fall to her waist Eye Color: Red cybernetic (Unknown colour) Place of Birth: Chandrila Skills (See SCW Skills, pick 1) : Starship Piloting Languages: Basic, Huttese Character Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: Commonwealth Occupation: Pilot Other Duties: Courier/ Smuggler Freelance work Alive Family: No family alive (Parents mysteriously killed) Hand-to-Hand Styles: Basic Self-Defence Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pac, datapad, comlink. Rebreather, 2x GL 13 Blaster pistols, several smoke and stun grenades. Armor: Leather skin-tight jumpsuit Undercover Attire: Silent Ghost outfit Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Likes: Flying Starships, Tinkering with starships, Exploding things. Dislikes: People shooting at her or her ship, People asking about her eyes. Favorite Genre of Music: Classical Favorite Food/Drink: Fruit Juices, water and fruits Kindest Act: Dropped off a load of supplies meant for a Hutt party to a group of starving refugees Evilest Act: Same as above Crew on the Kotuku (Her freighter): Doug (Gammorean) Tiny (Wookie) PC (Small Battle Droid [Like HK]) PIMA (Protocol Droid) Biography Naytcha was the sole child of Chandrila Logistics and Freight’s founders, in her infancy she spent her days running about her mother’s legs in the main office. During this time an accident occurred in which she lost her eyes, but they were able to get cybernetics implanted so that her vision could return, and she could try to live as normal life as any other child. At the age of nine her father took her on one of his deliveries and began to teach her to fly the ship. She took to it like a duck in water and would take every opportunity to sneak onto his ship and escape the boring life on the planet. More than once her father would get a distress call from her mother asking if she had stowed away. On her fourteenth birthday, Naytcha’s parents gave her a small freighter and her father began to teach her the basics of the business. A few days after receiving her ship she made her first solo delivery for the company, with a hand pick crew (babysitters in her eyes). Ever since she was being groomed to take over the company, however, the sudden and mysterious death of her parents while on a delivery has since thrown that into jeopardy. Presently, she is looking for work as the Heads of her parent’s company have launched a coup, taking full control of all assets associated with the company from her hands sighting a small clause and leaving her with nothing but her ship and the loyal crew her parents had hand picked for her. Wanting to show those snobs she can survive on her own she is determined to make her way in the universe despite the limitations.

Reuben Gilligan

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