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Katia Pavlova
Sep 27, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Egylym Paddum Other Aliases/Nicknames: Egy Race: Corellian Age: 17 Skin: medium light Height: 5'4 Weight: 114 Hair Color: brown Eye Color: green Place of Birth: Socorro Skills (See SCW Skills, pick 1) : Streetwise Languages: Olys Corellisi and Midys Corellisi Force Alignment: dark side but may change Character Alignment: chaotic neutral Affiliation: None Occupation: Side-job delivering goods for anonymous clients Other Duties: Part-time Janitor for the Soco-Jarel Spacesport CommonWealth Masters: N/A Jedi Masters: N/A Sith Masters: N/A Mentors: Brundont Mimno Alive Family: Sister? Parents? Hand-to-Hand Styles: Stava Mastered Lightsaber Forms: N/A Mastered Force Forms: N/A Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pac, comlink, datapad, rebreather, blaster pistol Armor: Street jacket with hoodie, fingerless gloves, slicer pants and hand-me-down sturdy boots Undercover Attire: N/A Force Abilities: force sense Novice N/A Adept: N/A Expert: N/A Mastered: N/A Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Force pull and Charismatic. Likes: reading, gathering information of others for blackmailing and watching sunsets while eating oven roasted okra Dislikes: loud music and liars Favorite Genre of Music: Tantooine blues and Zabrak diaspora music Favorite Food/Drink: Okra, chilled Corellian cocktail and so much more Kindest Act: Nursed a socorro rat back to health and after became her pet. His name is Guerfel which means "fool" in Orly Corellis. Evilest Act: Avenged the death of the only family she had left.....Papa Mimno Egy Paddum. What can I say about her except that at the tender young age of 17 she has been through alot. Her mother and father were smugglers on Corellia and then moved to Socorro where she was born. After her younger sister was born and Egy was only 4 years old, her parents left them both with the neighbor to do one last smuggling job. They were planning to live a semi decent life once they came back. They never made it back home. After a few years...Their neighbor ended up being a secret smuggler herself and kidnapped Egy's younger sister never to be seen again. At the age of 7 Egy was left alone. She lived on the streets of Socorro for a few months until a Smuggler named Brundont Mimno found her eating out of a trash bin in the alley near his shop. He took her in and became a father figure to her. He was a smuggler and a dark jedi in hiding. He was a master in Stava. She did deliveries for him for anonymous clients and at times it was dangerous work so he taught Egy its form at a young age so that she would be able to defend herself if he wasn't there to protect her. She also worked part-time as a janitor at the Spaceport so that smuggling would be easier for them. Fast forward....he was murdered by a Sith who was hunting him and Egy barely escaped for her life as she was able to hide as a stowaway on a ship headed for Ord Mantell. And there is where her story starts.
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Katia Pavlova

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