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Terrance Toth
Nov 06, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Quaal Sar’nok Other Aliases/Nicknames: Silverhawk Race: Human Age: 62 Skin: Pale Height: 6’4 Weight: 200 Hair Color: Gray/black Eye Color: Light Brown Place of Birth: Alderaan Skills: Healing, Medicine Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Wookie, Force Alignment: Light Sided Character Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: The Commonwealth Systems Force Knight Academy Occupation: Retired Jedi Healer Other Duties: Coming out of retirement after being pestered insistently by old students. Commonwealth Masters: None yet. Jedi Masters: Lon Yar Alive Family: His son’s family, including grandchildren, from a royal house on Alderaan (Distant cousins of Organa, not in line for rule) Hand-to-Hand Styles: Baran Do Mastered Lightsaber Forms: Soresu Mastered Force Forms: Force Potency, Force Channel Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pac, comlink, datapad, grappling hook. Lightsaber, light blue crystal. Armor: Alderaanian Ceremonial Armor, a gift from his wife. Force Abilities: Novice: Adept: awareness/sense, jump , speed, barrier, stun, push and pull Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Quaal is an expert in formal ballroom dance. Likes: His grandkids and the quiet. Dislikes: Sith and loud military types Favorite Genre of Music: None. Music is for the youngins. Favorite Food/Drink: Spicy. Kindest Act: Took a bunch of shrapnel disarming a bomb a few decades back. Saved a young padawan, left with some pretty bad scarring. Evilest Act: Biography: Quaal Sar’nok was born in a minor royal house on Alderaan, his parents were low level functionaries dealing with grain exports from one of Alderaan’s vast farming compounds. His family was fairly wealthy, but nothing extravagant. When he was around four, the Jedi tested him and found he had a strong affinity to the Force, and his parents agreed to give him to the Order. Quaal spent the next four decades of his life training as a padawan, then a Knight, and finally achieving the rank of Master, specializing in healing in his early thirties. He retired shortly after his fortieth birthday, due to the increasing demands on the Jedi order to engage in battles and warfare, a field Quaal increasing felt the Jedi should not be in for any reason. His healing was incredibly useful, but having to see so much death and injury was too painful. Quaal left the Jedi order to retire on Alderaan and live out his days as a family man. He eventually married and had a son, who is now grown and has given him three beautiful grandchildren, who Quaal dotes on excessively. After two decades of the quiet life, calls began to come to Quaal at his home, asking him to return to the Jedi, specifically an organization called the Commonwealth Systems Force Knight Academy. Quaal hasn’t picked up a lightsaber or used the Force much in the last twenty or so years, so he’s starting fresh, but his knowledge is still solid. He’s just not sure if he can keep up with these youngsters.

Terrance Toth

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