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Jan 24, 2022
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Putra Fan Other Aliases/Nicknames: Putra, Race: Sith Pureblood Age: 40 Skin: Red Height: 4 ft. 11in. Weight: 92 LB. Hair Color: red Eye Color: red Place of Birth: Force Alignment: dark side Character Alignment: dark side Affiliation: The Commonwealth Force Knight Academy Occupation: CommonWealth Force Knight Other Duties: CommonWealth Masters: Sanett, Chiron Jedi Masters: Sith Masters: Mentors: Skills: Lightsaber Style Weapons, Stealth Languages: Basic, Sith Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pac, comlink, datapad. Training saber Undercover Attire: Military/Mandalorian Training Novice: Adept: Expert: Mastered: Hand-to-Hand Training Novice: Adept: Expert: Mastered: Lightsaber Forms Novice: Makashi Adept: Shii-Cho Expert: Mastered: Force Forms and Theory Novice: Adept: Expert: Mastered: Force Abilities Novice: Awareness (Sense) / Sight / Barrier / Shield / Jump, Speed, Pull, Push, animal bond, telekinesis, telepathy, force armor, force signature concealment, rage, force lightning. Adept: Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Family: none alive Likes: Dislikes: Favorite Genre of Music: parodies Favorite Food/Drink: Merenzane Gold Kindest Act: Evilest Act: Biography Putra Fan was born in the sith empire, and was raised in the sith academy. She eventually became an apprentice and went on multiple Missions for the empire. However she always aspired to more. She got a Mission to assassinate a diplomat on Alderaan. She went to Alderaan to do some reconnaissance on the politician. When she got there she noticed just how much the people respected the politician, and decided to make her way to their quarters that night to ask about how they had garnered the respect of the people. When night came, she infiltrated the Organa's palace to get to the politician. What she didn't know was there were multiple Force users assigned to guard them. As soon as she entered the palace she encountered 2 Force users. They sensed her mental discomfort with herself. Instead of drawing their sabers, they instead talked to her, trying to see why she had this discomfort. They quickly found out that she wanted to figure out why the people respected the diplomat so much. They offered to bring her back to the systems commonwealth, not as a prisoner, but as a guest and a student. She agreed.


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