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Derv Labo
Nov 16, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Bomethanor Varrus Other Aliases/Nicknames: Brom Race: Half Human/Sith Age: 24 Skin: Pale Height: 5'8" Weight: 165lbas Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Dim Sith Blaze/Amber Place of Birth: Domund Kaas Skills (See SCW Skills, pick 1) : Perception Languages: Common, Sith Force Alignment: Neutral (60/40 leaing darkside) Character Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Commonwealth Occupation: Force Knight Initiate Other Duties: CommonWealth Masters: Jedi Masters: Sith Masters: Hitar Vaas (Father) Mentors: Alive Family: Hitar and Emilia Vaas (Mother and Father), Tyra Vaas (younger sister) Hand-to-Hand Styles: Basic Hand-to-Hand Lightsaber Forms: Force Forms: Force Channel Weaponry and Misc Items: Med pack, comlink, datapad, Rebreather, Vibro-gauntlets, Hitar's Lightsaber (without kyber crystal) Armor: force-User's Robe Undercover Attire: Dark Cloak Force Abilities Novice: Pull, Push, Jump Barrier, Awareness, Slow Speed, Stun, Force Rage Adept: Expert: Mastered: Hidden potentially silly talents or well known facts: Likes: Dislikes: Favorite Genre of Music: Favorite Food/Drink: Kindest Act: Evilest Act: Biography Born Bromethanor Vaas of Dormund Kaas to Father, Hitar Vaas, and mother Emilia Vaas. Brom was a quiet child, always appearing to take everything in he could. He didnt cry, scream, or even coo, which Emilia thought strange. Shortly after his 4th birthday, Brom showed signs of inheriting Force sensitivity from Hitar when Emilia caught him moving a toy speeder without touching it. For months Emilia sought to hide thus from Hitar, but eventually he saw it for himself. Much to her dismay. Hitar quickly started young Brom's indoctrination from the ripe young age of 5. The next several years were the toughest of Brom's life as he was taught the tenants all sith lived and died by. As well as several basic skills of sith Force users. When it came to combat training, Brom especially exelled in hand to hand combat, often opting for a pair of vibro-gauntlets (gloves with vibro-plates affixed to the exterior) with which he could parry his father's vicious attacks. Off the training field, Hitar was even more vile. He often beat young Brom and even Emilia for the smallest things, as his rage was seemingly insatiable. This led Brom to openly challenge him during a particularly arduous training session when he was 16. Hitar struck out at Brom in a fury after he failed to generate Force lightning, swinging his blazing red lightsaber vertically towards his head. Brom, feeding off of the rage he felt for his father, parried the blow with one of his gauntlets and used the force to rip the Saber from Hitar's grip (catching him by suprise). Brom then quickly used the force to disassemble the Saber and threw the blood red kyber crystal at his father and ran off with the rest of the Saber. After of misadventures in the Dormund Kaas underworld, Brom managed to leave his home world on a cargo vessel that was smuggling spice to Coruscant. From there he made his way to Tal Verra, were he joined the CommonWealth Force Knights when he turned 24. And its here where he decides to make himself anew and conjure the rage inside , adopting the ways of the force once again, on his own terms.
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Derv Labo
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