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Zachary Hendricks
Nov 24, 2021
In CommonWealth RP Roster
Name: Lucien Other Aliases/Nicknames: VoidWalker, Luci (More informal), Race: Zabrak Age: Unknown Skin: Dark orange Height: 6’4” Weight: 230 Hair Color: No Hair Eye Color: Yellow Place of Birth: Korriban Skills (See SCW Skills) : Vigilance,Resilience,Diplomacy,Brawl, Research / Lore, cooking, Translocation Languages: Common, Huttese, Sithese, Character Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Affiliation: Systems commonwealth Occupation: High Council Other Duties: Force master, Highguard Weaponry and Misc Items: 1x Med pac 1x Comlink 1x Datapad 1x Rebreather 1x Electrum Spear 2x Twin Lightsabers 1x Pile Saber 1x Durasteel Knife 2x Merr-Sonn C-14A Stun Grenades 1x Merr-Sonn "Power" 5 Heavy Blaster Pistol 1x E-11 Blaster Rifle 1x Rhade’s High Council Ring Armor: Basic Medium Armor, Highguard armor, Basic Heavy armor, Undercover Attire: (Padded vest, padded pants, boots), Sexy outfit [[Material WIP]] Facts: High-level knowledge of space/gravity abilities. Of the 4 brothers, has the most mastery in how the force interacts with the worlds (space). Likes: Food, combat exercises, adventure, new sights, sculpting, writing, cooking, eating. Bravery, even if it comes from an enemy Dislikes: Any enemy of the commonwealth. Cowards. Favorite Genre of Music: N/A Favorite Food/Drink: Spicy food. Personality: He is immortal through learned methods years and years ago. After living a long life he tends to be rather patient. He would rather let the younger generations shine and will often support the fights to allow them to do more. While he has pride, he generally isn’t affected by most negative comments as they are beneath him and seem rather petty. However, anyone wishing ill harm to those under his protection will meet a swift, and often overly brutal, execution. He can handle jokes about the commonwealth; however pure disrespect will often lead him to open a can of whoop ass. He enjoys hand to hand combat and often likes sculpting, cooking, and writing. He uses both the dark and light side of the force. He is not a romantic but has dated in the past, but has a hard time connecting to anyone on a deep level in general, this is due to his age. He will however "hook up" depending on the woman. Although is has been a long time, he still battles with close ones he has lost over the years. Kindest Act: Unknown Evilest Act: Unknown Force moves: Novice: Sense Path, Stasis Field, Cryokinesis Adept: Healing Trance, Projected Fighting, Healing, Valor, Tapas, Stasis, Affliction, Aeromancy, Hydromancy, Whirlwind Expert: Body, Mind Probe, Thought Shield, Lightning, Revitalize, Telekinetics, Stun, Crucitorn, Projective Empathy, Tutaminis, Breath Control, Slow, Sinkhole, Stone Golem, Convection, Firestorm Mastered: Translocation, Force Conceal, Push, Pull, Stun, Jump, Barrier/Armor, Grasp, Throw, Speed, Sense, Gravity Affliction, Phase, Gravisphere, Geomancy, Pyrokinesis, Combustion, Earthquake Back story Early years *Slave on Korriban *Talented in the force and join the sith *Spent most time training and honing skills. His goal was to become powerful enough to never be ruled over *When not training, he spent time sculpting, cooking, and writing for hobbies *Joined and met Rhade, Tobais, Romuim *learned a method to stay immortal Mid years *Spent a long time in secluded training (500-700 years, unknown) *Worked as a rogue agent while waiting for his brothers. *Spent this time building connections with the different factions for both favors and general training *Joined commonwealth under Rhades leadership *Started as high council and highguard *Lead many missions *At the end of this, He requested a retirement and put himself in total seclusion for training Current *Now back, he is slowly reconnecting with current events
Zachary Hendricks
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