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“So you want to join Clan Vengeance. It's a very tough road to follow, but if you have the constitution to persist through the hardships, you may just find yourself among the ranks of the Mandalorians of Clan Gra’tua.

What is this clan?

Good question, I will answer that quickly. We are a Mandalorian clan that has aligned themselves with the System’s Commonwealth. The clan has found that these people are honorable and their cause is worth fighting for. Make no mistake, we are our own clan; we are not directly a part of their ranks. However, we do consider them a part of our family in many ways and have attached ourselves to their cause.

This means you are to follow their rules while acting on a contract with them. However, our way of life and our codes will always be upheld. Our six tenets, or codes of conduct, are our way of life. If at any time there is a situation or a choice makes you choose against our code, either it be the orders from someone within SCW or just in general, you have the right to refuse. Keep in mind that you had better have a good reason as to why you broke or disobey direct orders from the leadership in SCW, or broke a contract you had. We are still a part of the Systems Commonwealth.”

I came to the commonwealth in hopes of hiding from the Hutts, and realized that I was finally safe to pursue training to use the Force. I completed my trials and climbed through the ranks to Headmistress, then Master and finally Councilor of the Commonwealth Force Knights. These days I spend my time herding cats and putting out fires within the Academy, when not out leading the Knights on missions.



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